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3 Things To Know Before Getting Dental Implants Over The Age Of 50

Losing teeth as the aging process marches along is very common. Often poor dental hygiene, health problems, or injury are to blame. In fact, by the age of 50, an average of 12 teeth have been lost. Of American adults aged 65 to 74, 26 percent have no teeth at all. Losing teeth as you enter your golden years often conjures up images of bridges and dentures. However, dental implants are also an option. Read More 

Childhood Dental Care Tips for Parents

When a person becomes a parent, they will find that there are a countless number of potential injuries and other problems that can impact their child's overall health and happiness. This is particularly true as parents will often need to learn that caring for their child's teeth is surprisingly complicated. Recognize That Children Can Develop Gum Disease Gum disease is a problem that many people will develop at some point during their lives. Read More 

Choosing Between Dental Crowns And Filling After Root Canal

Are you a candidate for root canal treatment? The treatment offers you the best way of saving your natural tooth to that it isn't replaced by an artificial one, but it can also weaken the tooth. This is why teeth that have undergone root canal treatment have to be restored and protected by either a dental crown or a dental filling. Here are three questions that will determine the direction your restoration takes after the root canal treatment: Read More 

The Dangers Of Energy And Sports Drinks For Kids

Ensuring your children are both healthy and happy can be difficult at times. From providing well-balanced meals and quality education to ensuring they are safe and healthy, it is easy to see the overwhelming nature of being a parent. Unfortunately, you may be giving your child food and drinks that are actually causing more harm than good. Energy drinks and sports beverages may seem like smart beverages to keep your child hydrated while playing outside or when competing in sports, but these drinks will wreak havoc on your child's health. Read More 

Teeth Whitening Tips To Brighten Your Smile

Your smile is all your own and makes you the unique person you are, but what if you could brighten that unique smile of yours without any actual whitening procedures? There are a number of things you can do to brighten your smile and give you whiter pearly whites. See below for some things you can do to enhance your smile. Change Your Diet Change up your diet a bit to include fresh fruits and vegetables and skip out on those sugary foods. Read More