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Three Types Of Valentine Treats That Could Ruin Your Teeth

Chances are, one of the things you like most about your significant other is his or her smile. Keep that smile bright and healthy by making good choices about what you get as a Valentine's Day gift! Roses are no problem, but some kinds of candy, foods and drinks are better for the teeth than others. Those that are sugary and sticky play a bigger role in staining teeth and leading to decay. Read More 

Common Myths About Teeth

Teeth. You use them all the time, so you may think you know them like the back of your hand. But since there are many myths about teeth floating around, it's possible you have some false beliefs about them. Here you will learn what some common teeth myths are so that you can take better care of your pearly whites. Myth #1 - You should always brush your teeth after eating. Read More 

3 Options For When Your Tooth Falls Out

It's considered natural and adorable when young children have a tooth fall out as baby teeth make way for adult teeth. But it's not as adorable or welcome when a tooth falls out as an adult. Whether it's due to damage, disease or accident, there are some solutions for a missing tooth that can satisfy any dental customer. Grin and Bear It The cheapest and easiest solution is to simply leave the now vacant hole in place and go on with life. Read More 

How To Show Your Mouth You Care

You and your mouth have known each other for a long time.  You've been there for each other, through the good times and the bad.  As with any healthy relationship, you need to give it some attention.  Here are a few ways to show your mouth you care. Be Sensitive to Its Needs Sensitive teeth can be painful.  If you care about your mouth, you don't want it to go through discomfort. Read More 

A Guide To Handling Dental Problems In Children With Down Syndrome

When your child has Down syndrome, special considerations have to be made when it comes to dental care. As a parent, you can plan ahead for those moments when dental care might prove challenging. Here are some of the most common dental needs and ways in which you and your pediatric dentist can address them.  Delayed Development A common occurrence with children who have Down syndrome is a delay in development in teeth. Read More