A General Dentist Helps Your Teeth Stay Healthy For Life

Regular visits to a general dentist help your teeth stay healthy for life. The dentist catches cavities and gum disease when they're in the early stages so treatment is done before you have tooth loss. Keeping your teeth healthy reduces the need for expensive dental care and spares you from toothaches. Here are some important types of care your general dentist may provide. 

Remove Tartar With Cleanings

Dental cleanings are important for keeping tartar and plaque off of your teeth. If these are not removed by scraping them off, you're at a higher risk of cavities and gum disease. You may need your teeth cleaned a couple of times a year or more than that if you have certain dental or medical conditions. Follow the advice of your dentist on how often to have dental checks and cleanings.

Have A Fluoride Treatment

Even though you may use toothpaste that has fluoride in it and drink water with fluoride, you might still benefit from a fluoride treatment from your dentist. Fluoride bonds with your teeth to help repair damage from minor cavities through remineralization.

Fluoride also reduces the risk of cavities and makes your enamel stronger to reduce tooth sensitivity. Whether you eat a clean diet or succumb to sweets and junk food regularly, your teeth might benefit from a fluoride treatment if your dentist agrees it's right for you.

Get Dental X-Rays

You'll probably need occasional dental X-rays throughout your life. X-rays are often taken if you have a toothache or need dental work. However, X-rays are sometimes done routinely during dental checkups. They help your dentist find hidden cavities and other problems developing in your mouth.

The frequency of routine dental X-rays is determined by your dentist, depending on the condition of your teeth and gums and the problems that threaten them.

Fill Cavities

A cavity can lead to pain or sensitivity, so you'll want to have cavities filled early while they're small. Tiny cavities might go away by following instructions for dental care and using fluoride, but when cavities get big enough, they need fillings.

Don't put off seeking help from your dentist when you have a toothache because the cavity will probably grow until you need a root canal and crown or lose your tooth.

A general dentist fills cavities and provides many other dental treatments for you and your family. See your dentist on a regular schedule throughout your life and you may enter your senior years with a full set of healthy teeth so you can avoid the discomfort of wearing dentures.

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