Maintain Your Implants To Extend Their Lifespan

Dental implants are a great smile restoration treatment that is intended to last for a very long time. However, the actual lifespan of an implant has everything to do with you. How a person takes care of their implants will directly extend or shorten the life of the implant. Given the investment involved with this oral treatment, it is essential to take care of your implants correctly.  Enhance At-Home Regimen Read More 

Your Dentist May Recommend A Crown When You Have A Broken Tooth Or A Lot Of Decay

When you go to a dentist for a big cavity or broken tooth, you might be advised to get a crown. A crown covers your tooth to protect it. It allows you to save your tooth and the root so you won't have a gap in your teeth. Getting a crown is a common dental procedure that you might need at some point. Here's what crowns are made from and how they're put in your mouth. Read More 

Restorative Dentistry: How It Can Be Life-Changing

When you smile, the world smiles with you. That's a common phrase you may have heard before, and it's largely true. A smile is an indicator that a person is approachable, and a person's smile says a lot about them. What then, do people think if you have a smile that is missing teeth, or has rotting or broken teeth that are visible? While you should not be judged on your appearance, it's the first thing people see about you and it may be difficult for some to get past it. Read More 

Why Are Your Child’s Teeth Yellow?

Yellow teeth can be caused by any number of things, and when your child's teeth are yellow, you may just jump to the thought that they aren't cleaning their teeth properly. This may actually be the case, or there could be other reasons as well. If your child has yellowed teeth, you want to do what you can in order to make their teeth white and as healthy as possible, especially because you don't want them to be embarrassed by their teeth. Read More