What Steps Are Followed During Dental Implant Installation?

If you have decided to install dental implants after tooth extraction or tooth loss, you likely know how beneficial this procedure is. For instance, you'll get to speak and chew normally, improve self-esteem, and prevent jawbone loss.  

But it's crucial to understand what will happen during the procedure before you seek dental implant services. This way, you'll prepare adequately and remain calm throughout. Here are multiple steps involved in a dental implant procedure.

Removing the Damaged Tooth

Most patients usually have damaged teeth when they show up for a dental implant appointment. If you still have a damaged tooth, the dentist will remove it. You won't need to undergo this step if you already have a lost tooth.

Preparing the Jawbone

If a patient has soft and thin jawbones, they'll have to undergo bone grafting. This jaw preparation procedure will enhance the jawbone quality to ensure that it can hold the new tooth root in place after surgery. The success rate will be higher if the jawbone is healthy. Since the bone grafts take several months to heal, you will get the implants installed after an oral surgeon confirms that the bone quantity has improved.

Installing the Implant

In this step, the surgeon will expose the jawbone. They drill a hole until they get to the bone. Then, they'll install the implant so that it can act as the new artificial tooth root. You'll need to take care of the implant to ensure it heals successfully. 

The dental specialist will provide a list of dos and don'ts, so make sure you adhere to them so the implant can heal and be permanently attached to the bone. The implant will bond with the bone for several months, so exercise patience. Once it bonds to your jawbone, it should be strong enough to support a crown.

Preparing and Installing the Crown

Once the dentist confirms that your implant has successfully bonded with the jawbone, they will put an abutment on it. This will extend the post above the gums to make it easy to install the dental crown.

A custom-made crown is placed on an implant to complete the artificial tooth installation. The crown resembles the natural teeth around it and will sit on a connector put on the implant. This will be the visible part of the new tooth.

The implant placement procedure can be lengthy, but it is worth it. You will get an artificial tooth that functions just like the natural one. The best thing about this treatment is that they last a lifetime, so you won't have to worry about your appearance or dental issues like jawbone degradation caused by tooth loss.

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