Why Many Patients Choose Same-Day Dentures

If you're preparing for dental extractions and denture investment, one of the options that your dentist may suggest is same-day dentures. For those who are familiar with the denture process, you probably recall that most dentures aren't placed until after the gums heal from tooth extractions. This can take time. Same-day dentures, on the other hand, are placed the same day that the remaining teeth are extracted, giving you the use of your dentures right away. You might wonder about the benefits of same-day dentures over traditional ones. Here's a look at some of the things that you should know.

Same-Day Dentures Can Aid Healing

Dental extractions require some significant healing time afterward, and there's always post-extraction bleeding and swelling that can occur. When you opt for traditional dentures, you'll have to be extra cautious not to dislodge the blood clots from the extraction sites, which can cause dry socket, which is quite painful.

If you opt for same-day dentures, the denture is put into place immediately after the extraction. This applies pressure directly to the gums, helping to stem the bleeding, control swelling, and protect the blood clots that will form over the extraction sites. This can help reduce your discomfort during healing and reduce the risk of dry socket issues.

Same-Day Dentures Make Daily Tasks Easier

When you have to wait for extraction healing before you get your dentures, you'll spend that time between extraction and full recovery without any teeth. This can make talking, eating, and other daily tasks particularly difficult. 

That's another reason why many dentists recommend same-day dentures. You'll leave the dental office with your dental appliances in place, so you'll have teeth to facilitate your speech and eating. This makes the entire recovery process easier for you to navigate without as much disruption to your daily life.

Same-Day Dentures Preserve Self-Confidence

For people with dental problems, trying to maintain a sense of self-confidence can be challenging. This is especially true as you start having teeth extracted. If you're facing extractions before a dental appliance can be placed, you might find that you're hesitant to go out in public or interact with others while you're without your teeth.

Same-day dentures can eliminate this self-confidence and self-perception struggle. You'll leave the dentist's office with a full smile, so you won't have to worry about anyone knowing that you've had your teeth extracted. They won't even be able to tell that you're wearing dentures.

Talk with a dentist today about the possibility of same-day dentures as a solution for your dental problems.