4 Things Your Family Can Get From A Family Dentist

Finding a dentist is a crucial step in attaining good oral health. Many people prefer to see family dentists who have the skills required to treat their entire households. Here are four things that you and your family can get from a family dentist:

1. Pediatric Dental Services

Children require dental services just like adults do. However, the dental needs of children are unique. Kids have smaller mouths that require smaller dental tools for maximum comfort. Young children may still have their baby teeth. While adult teeth usually emerge on their own, occasionally, dental intervention is required to extract baby teeth that do not fall out independently. A family dentist can provide comprehensive pediatric dental services for the youngest members of your family.

2. Dental Exams

Routine dental exams can keep your teeth healthy. Most people should have their teeth examined every six months, although some people can benefit from more frequent exams. Annual x-rays and visual exams will help your family dentist identify cavities. Your dentist will also clean your teeth by polishing, scaling, and flossing them. Many people enjoy the smooth, fresh feeling of professionally cleaned teeth after their dental appointment.

3. Dental Fillings And Crowns

If your family dentist discovers cavities in your teeth, they will need to remove the decay and place a dental filling in your mouth. Most modern dental fillings are made from composite resin since this material is the same color as your teeth. Composite resin can be shaped to perfectly fill any cavity. Budget-conscious patients may prefer to get amalgam fillings instead. In cases where extra dental reinforcement is required, your dentist may suggest that you have a dental crown put in place. Dental crowns can strengthen teeth with large fillings. They can also protect teeth that have undergone root canal therapy.

4. Dentures

Tooth loss happens occasionally. Older people may lose their teeth naturally, but teeth can also be lost through accidents or extractions. You need all your teeth to chew and smile effectively. Fortunately, family dentists can help people who have experienced tooth loss. Your family dentist can create dentures through a specialized process. First, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth. They may take photographs and x-rays for supplementary information. Next, your dentures will be crafted in a lab. When your dentures are ready, you will schedule a second fitting appointment at your dentist's office. During this appointment, your dentist will make any necessary alterations to your dentures to ensure they fit comfortably in your mouth.

Contact a local family dentist to learn more about available services.