A Look At The Attributes You Will Have To Pick For Your One-Visit Crown

One of your permanent teeth has sustained damage, and you know that a crown is the best option for having the damaged tooth replaced quickly. What you may not know is a crown can actually be placed in a single visit with some dentists. One-visit crown services make it possible for a patient to come in with damage to a tooth and walk out with their crown within the same visit.

Before your crown is made, there are a few attributes the dentist will examine to ensure the new tooth fits right in with the rest of your smile. Here is a look at the important things the dentist will have to determine before the crown is made in the office. 

The size of the crown should be compared to the rest of the teeth. 

The dentist will likely take measurements of your teeth and the damaged tooth before they begin the process of milling the crown with on-site equipment. Measurements will be taken of several aspects of your teeth, including: 

  • measurements from the gum line to the bottom 
  • measurements of the tooth's width 
  • measurements of the tooth's depth 

It is important that these measurements are accurate so that the crown fits in with the rest of your teeth and feels comfortable once it is placed in your mouth. 

The shade of the crown should match your smile. 

Shading is a lot harder to pick than you'd think. Teeth can be a wide array of different shades, from a brighter white to a grey tone. If you get a new crown and it is stark white when the rest of your teeth are slightly discolored, it can make the crown stick out like it doesn't belong. Your dentist will go to great lengths to ensure the new crown has the exact same color tones as the rest of the teeth in your mouth. 

The shape of the crown should look the best. 

Even though it can seem like all teeth have similar shapes, they can actually be unique to the patient. For example, some people have teeth that are more tapered and come to a point, while other people may have teeth that have a more rounded tip. Before the crown can be made, the dentist will take scans or measurements of your teeth to make sure the crown fits in well. 

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