Answers For Basic Orthodontic Questions

The quality and condition of your child's smile is something that may be a major concern for you. For those parents that are wanting to ensure their child has a beautiful smile for their adult life, it may be necessary to take advantage of orthodontic treatments to correct misalignments and other issues that teeth may be prone to developing.

Is It Too Late To Start Orthodontic Treatments If Your Child Is A Late-Teen?

Parents will often worry that they have waited too long to start their child on an orthodontic treatment regimen. However, these parents should be relieved to learn that there is no age limit for when their child can undergo these treatments. In fact, it is possible for an adult to undergo these treatments if they wish to improve their smile. Despite there not being an age limit for these treatments, older individuals may need to wear their braces longer as their teeth will need more time to shift into the new positions. By taking your child to an orthodontist every year or two for an evaluation, you will know when the braces should be applied to achieve the quickest results.

What Type Of Care Will Braces Require?

In order to get the best results from your braces, you will want to make sure that you are following the proper care techniques for them. In particular, you should be making sure that you thoroughly brush and clean them throughout the day. Otherwise, plaque and food particles can start to accumulate around the braces, which can increase the risk of your teeth developing decay or discoloration. Also, the braces will need to be periodically adjusted to compensate for the teeth shifting positions. In most instances, this will only need to be done every few weeks, but it may be slightly more frequent during the early stages of the orthodontic treatments.

Are There Any Problems The Braces Might Encounter?

Braces are designed to be extremely resistant to the type of wear that they will encounter. Nevertheless, there are some problems that can arise with the braces. More specifically, individuals may find that end of the wires or brackets can break. When this occurs, it will be necessary to visit the orthodontist so that the damage can be repaired. If it will be several days before you are able to get to the orthodontist, you should use dental wax to cover the sharp point of the wire or bracket. This will minimize the amount of irritation that your cheeks experience as a result of this damage.

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