4 Pros And Cons Of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are often made from metal or porcelain, and they can be used to fix a wide variety of concerns. If you have areas of your smile you want to correct, your dentist may recommend dental crowns. However, before you decide, check out these four pros and cons of dental crowns.

Pro: They Fix Many Cosmetic Problems

Dental crowns are a great choice for many cosmetic problems. One of the biggest reasons patients choose them is to cover chips or cracks in the teeth. If you have dingy or stained teeth from inorganic stains or trauma, teeth bleaching may not work. However, a porcelain dental crown covers the stain to make the tooth look white again. Dental crowns can even fix mild to moderate crooked teeth and gapped teeth.

Pro: They Strengthen Teeth

Besides making your teeth look better, dental crowns can make them stronger too. If you have a big filling in a tooth, such as one from a root canal treatment, your tooth is weakened. Similarly, if you have a large crack in your tooth, the pressure from eating creates weak spots because the surface of the tooth is not whole. Covering the tooth with the crown removes these weak spots.

Con: Tooth Structure Must Be Removed

A dental crown is placed directly over your existing tooth, covering every surface. However, to fit the crown, your tooth must be filed down, and this usually means removing most or all of the tooth enamel. This can cause a lot of trauma to teeth, increasing the risk of tooth infection. Also, if the crown falls out or gets old, it must be replaced as soon as possible because without it, your tooth isn't protected from bacteria.

Con: They Aren't Invincible to Decay

Dental crowns cover every surface of your tooth, making them a great barrier against bacteria. However, the material used to create the crown can slightly irritate gums, causing them to recede. This allows pockets to form, which allow plaque and bacteria to enter, causing decay or infection. In some cases, the crown can begin to become affected directly by the decay.

Dental crowns are excellent at strengthening teeth and giving you the beautiful smile you deserve. However, they are a lifelong commitment, and you'll likely need to replace them as they age. For more information about dental crowns or other cosmetic dental procedures, contact a dentist in your area today.