Your Child’s Oral Care Routine When Wearing Braces After Corrective Jaw Surgery

Your child's doctor will keep their presurgical braces on during surgery and the braces will typically remain on after the surgery is complete. Taking care of braces after corrective jaw surgery can be difficult for your child to do because of how long the recovery process can be. However, allowing braces to go unkempt can result in an infection in your child's surgical area. An infection early in the recovery process will not only slow down the healing time but will cause a large amount of discomfort. In order to prevent this, there are a few things that you can add to your child's oral care routine.

Add Antibacterial Herbs to Your Child's Fluids

Your child will be put on a fluid diet immediately once surgery is complete. Ensuring that your child has healthy and balanced meals to eat after their procedure will ensure that their braces and other parts of their mouth remain healthy. However, adding antibacterial herbs to their fluids can help to ensure that their mouth is protected at all times. Antibacterial herbs like thyme, cinnamon, and peppermint are often added to mouthwashes. This is not just done before the taste but they are there to prevent bacteria growth. Adding these herbs to your child's fluid drinks will ensure that they are always fighting off bacteria buildup. The best way to incorporate these herbs is through soups and broths.

Make Sure Your Child does not Go to Bed with Food in Their Braces

Your child is bound to go a few hours while having food contaminants stuck in their braces. It can be difficult to see all areas of the braces and always keep it contaminant free. However, you should work overtime to ensure that they rarely go to bed with food in their braces. This can be done by helping them brush their teeth immediately after dinner. In order to cover all of the areas around the braces your child brush for a few minutes. In addition, it is important that they are careful not to aggravate their surgical wounds. This can spread bacteria to the area and cause inflammation. Once their teeth have been cleaned they should not eat any more meals before bed.

Once your child's braces are removed after the corrective operation, they should be on their way to a straighter and uniformed smile. Until then, use these tips to ensure that their braces remain in good health. For more information, visit sites like