How to Know It Is Time to Talk to Your Dentist About Dentures

If you still have some teeth in you mouth, you may not be sure as to whether it is really time to talk to your dentist about getting dentures. The thing is though, you do not have to wait until you are missing most of your teeth. Discover the various signs that may indicate that it is time to speak with your reputable dentist about the possibility of getting dentures.

Some Teeth Are Only Half There 

Even if broken teeth have been repaired using various dental materials, like resin or veneers, at the end of the day, your teeth are still really only partially there. Sooner or later, you will find that the work that the dentist did may fall apart, causing you pain and possibly embarrassment. This is not because the dentist did poor quality work; it is just that those types of fixes are generally meant to be temporary in nature.

You Have Several Missing Teeth

If you have just one or two missing teeth, and the remaining ones are in fairly decent shape, it may not be time for a set of dentures. However, you may want to talk about a set of partials, just to fill in the spots where there are no teeth. However, if you have several missing teeth, and the rest have a lot of cavities or you are having trouble with fillings falling out, then you may want to question you dentist about having the rest of your teeth pulled and getting dentures.

The Cost of Fixing Your Teeth Is More Than Getting Dentures

Should you find that your mouth is full of teeth that need a ton of work down, you might find that simply having them pulled and getting dentures is the more affordable option. This is especially helpful if this is not the first time you have needed a lot of work done to your teeth. The more work you have done to your teeth, the more they will wear down, and they will no longer be as strong as they once were. This just puts them more at risk for further damage down the road.

Before you get involved in the denture process, make sure that you are first finding the best dentist for this type of work. This way, you will end up with quality dentures that look as close to natural teeth as possible. If you have other questions about whether or not you need dentures, talk to a dentist like those at Bristol Dental Group.