The Problem With Teeth Grinding For Children

Has your child not been sleeping well at night? It's possible that they are unconsciously grinding their teeth while sleeping, a problem that can cause damage to their overall oral health. It happens when someone's jaw bone does not correctly line up, and it will cause their teeth to rub against each other. Having this problem resolved sooner rather than later can help prevent problems later on in life. Here is what you need to know about it.

Teeth Grinding Can Cause Cavities And Tooth Damage

The motion caused due to teeth grinding will wear away the enamel on the teeth, which is what exposes them to bacteria, starches, sugars, and other things that are known to cause cavities in their teeth. The motion of teeth grinding also will cause pain, and it can cause problems eating, talking, and overall discomfort during the night. This is why children with teeth grinding issues have difficulty sleeping. Over time, teeth can even crack due to the pressure caused by teeth grinding.

Teeth Grinding Can Cause Long Term Complications When Ignored

If you do not take the proper steps to have your child's teeth grinding problem treated, they could eventually develop issues with arthritis in their jaw joint. When adult teeth come in they could be crooked or a child can form a crossbite, underbite, or overbite. While these problems can be fixed with orthodontics later on, you can prevent it from getting to that point with early intervention.

Teeth Grinding Can Cause Discomfort Beyond Their Teeth

While the pain a child experiences in their mouth due to teeth grinding is quite obvious, there are other complications associated with it that cause discomfort. This includes headaches, pain in their face or neck, and nasal drip. If a child has sensitive teeth, they could have problems eating foods they enjoy, such as soup or ice cream. It can also cause a child to not want to eat chewy or hard foods because they are painful to eat.

When you notice that your child is grinding their teeth, have them see a dentist right away. Part of the solution will be to have them wear a mouth guard that is custom made for their mouth. It will be more comfortable than a cheap one you can buy at the local drug store, which should help them actually wear it at night instead of taking it out. A dentist office can also diagnose a larger health concern if there is one.