What Can Be Done When Food Consistently Gets Trapped Between 2 Teeth

If you consistently get food trapped between two teeth every time you eat, you have what is called a food trap. When you have a food trap, you probably reach for dental floss after each meal, and this can get annoying. If you are tired of having a food trap in your mouth, you may want to visit a dentist to find out what can be done about it.

What causes food traps?

A food trap is something that occurs when two teeth are not close enough together. The gaps between your teeth should be so small that floss just fits between them. If they are even slightly bigger than this, food can easily get trapped in these areas. Some people believe that food traps are normal with teeth, but they are not normal and should be addressed.

What problems can food traps cause?

There are several reasons you should visit a dentist to have your food trap examined and addressed, and these reasons primarily relate to the problems that can result from food traps. Here are the main problems caused by food traps:  

  • They can lead to bad breath – Anytime food remains in your mouth after eating, you are subject to bad breath. If you floss and brush after eating, this will not be a huge problem; however, there might be times when food is trapped and you cannot tell it's there.
  • This can lead to decay – If food is trapped and remains in your mouth too long, it can start damaging your teeth. 
  • You might damage your gums – If you cannot stand the way it feels when food is stuck in a food trap, you might use dental floss often to eliminate the food. The problem with this is that you may damage your gums if you floss in the same area over and over.

How can dentists fix food traps?

If you have a food trap, a dentist might be able to help you fix the problem. One of the main ways dentists fix food trap problems is with small fillings. A dentist can place a filling on the edge of one of the teeth involved in the food trap, and this is usually enough to close up the gap that is causing the food to get trapped.

If you would like to learn more about food traps and solutions for them, check out http://www.allaboutsmilesinc.com/ and contact your family dentist.