A Guide to Treating Gum Disease

A staggering number of people have gum disease, which can be debilitating to your oral health. Close to 65 million adults over the age of 30 have periodontal disease, which is more than 47 percent of the population. With this in mind, you need to learn a bit about periodontal disease, how you can get gum-disease treatments, and how to keep your oral health in the best condition for as long as possible. 

The Development of Periodontal Disease

When it comes to understanding periodontal disease, you need to learn more about the way that it develops in your gums. This is a type of disease that develops and festers due to plaque and bacteria. Bacteria exists inside of the human mouth on a general basis, but if plaque is allowed to stay on your teeth and gums, it will be difficult to remove and will cause disease. Gingivitis, a form of periodontal disease, will cause a number of symptoms, including reddening, bleeding, and overall irritation. Periodontitis is a form of gingivitis that is untreatable, so the only way to curb it is by removing the affected tooth or teeth. When you happen to develop periodontal disease that is treatable, you will need to reach out to a dental professional who can help you out. 

The Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Once you need to get your gum disease treated, you should reach out to a dental professional who can assist you with this. There are a number of surgeries that you can look into, including bone grafts, pocket reduction, and soft-tissue grafts. With bone grafts, the dentist will take either portions of your own bone or synthetic bone to install in your gums and help regrow the bone in the area. Pocket reduction involves removing and reducing areas of bacteria growth. Soft-tissue grafts involves taking tissue from the roof of your mouth and stitching it in to repair an area. 

The Cost of Gum-Disease Treatment

You need to be sure that you are able to hire the best dentist possible while touching base with your dental insurance provider. Gum disease treatments cost between $500 and $10,000 depending on the level of work that you will need done. Touch base with different dentists in order to have a meeting and learn as much as you can about the procedure. 

Keep these tips in mind in order to deal with gum disease and get the treatment you need. Talk with a dentist such as Bradley T Piotrowski DDS MSD LLC for more information.