Early Brace Removal: What Is the Effect?

If you or your child has worn braces for several years, you may be more than ready to have those braces removed. Of course, while you may be ready, the orthodontist may not be, especially if your child's teeth are not ready. If you go ahead and demand an early removal of the braces, you will have to face the possibility of some negative consequences. You need to carefully consider before you take this somewhat drastic step.


The entire purpose of braces is to train your teeth to stay in the proper position for chewing and talking. Doing so can take a number of years, sometimes up to four or more. For a young person, in particular, that length of time can seem endless, particularly if the braces make them feel unattractive. Even if the patient's teeth look straight, they may still need the braces because their teeth are not stable in the gums yet. The teeth have to be firmly attached to their new spots. Otherwise, once the braces are removed, the teeth can quickly revert back to their original positions, erasing all the good that years of orthodontic work has done. If your dental professional says that your teeth aren't "done" yet, you need to listen.


If you ask the dentist to remove your braces early, they will probably have you sign a form explaining the possible negative consequences of such an act. Although your teeth will be vulnerable after the dentist removes your braces, you may be able to prevent them from moving by wearing a retainer. Even patients who have undergone the entire course of orthodontic treatment are often asked to wear one because even their teeth can move after a period of time. If you don't take some preventative action, all the time and money you have invested in braces will be wasted. A better approach than early removal is to follow dental instructions. Those patients who take care of their braces, teeth, and gums and have regular checkups at family dentistries regularly are more likely to finish treatment early.

Once you commit to wearing braces, you need to see the process through to the finish. Braces are effective and expensive tools that can give you a great smile for the rest of your life. Having them removed early can negate all the progress you have made, leaving you with crooked teeth, a depleted bank account, and a disappointed dentist.