Traits Of A Great Dentist

A great dentist isn't simply someone who can perform their craft.  Most dentists have a good education and are capable of performing their duties safely and effectively.  So what makes a dentist stand out from the crowd?  There are a few traits a great dentist has that can bring them ahead of their competition. 

  1. Passionate If a person has passion about their work, it shows in their performance.  A dentist that really loves what they do will go above and beyond to provide the best service possible.  It will be effortless to them, since their job is not seen as a chore.  Dentists that are excited about what they do have better attitudes and will produce a better product.
  2. Personable Visiting the dentist is an unnerving experience for much of the population.  A great dentist is easy to talk to and has the ability to relax even the most anxious patient.  They will build rapport with their patients and gain a sense of trust through their interactions with them. 
  3. Patient Dentists see all different types of people and exhibiting patience is a must.  Children can be a challenge to work with, since they tend to be wiggly, jittery, and sometimes have a hard time following directions.  People with certain disabilities can be a challenge, along with patients who are just plain scared of the dentist.  A great dentist remains calm and patient, even with the most challenging people to work with!  They will set aside a decent amount of time to spend with each person, and will not double-book appointments and rush through exams.
  4. Gentle We trust dentists to use sharp tools in our mouths.  When we are sitting in the dentist chair, we are at their mercy.  A great dentist will be gentle while working, and they will be a good communicator.  They will keep you informed about what they are doing as they work and will use terms that the common person will understand, instead of jargon that most people would have to Google immediately after their appointment. 
  5. Educated The best dentists are dedicated to continuing their education.  Dentistry is evolving constantly.  Although some continuing education is required, those that go above and beyond what is mandatory in order keep up with changes and improve their skill will be at an advantage. 

If you think you have found a phenomenal dentist that has all of these traits, be sure to let the world know. Spread the word to your friends, review them online, and tell everyone you know about your great dentist!