5 Questions About Recovering After Receiving Dental Implants

Planning on getting dental implants soon to replace missing teeth? You likely have a few questions about what it will be like to recover from the procedure. Here are a few things you need to know about recovery. Will The Sutures Need To Be Removed?  You are going to have sutures placed in your gums during the procedure. However, it is important to ask your dentist about how those sutures need to be handled afterward. Read More 

4 Debunked Myths On Dental Extractions

Are you dealing with excruciating pain from a decayed tooth or from gum disease? Getting a dental extraction is a viable option. Unfortunately, there are different myths about dental extraction that could influence your decision. Here are the common myths and the truths about them. Getting a Tooth Extraction Is Extremely Painful Common myths about dental services are that they are painful, including tooth extractions. However, dental extractions are nearly painless. Read More 

Why Don’t Dental Bridges Last As Long As Dental Implants?

When you have more than one missing tooth, dental bridges and dental implants tend to be two of the solutions that dentists offer. While dental bridges are a good fit for some people, many are disappointed that bridges need to be replaced more frequently than dental implants. In addition, dental bridges tend to have problems that dental implants don't. Here's a look at why dental implants have an advantage over dental bridges. Read More 

What Everyone Should Understand About Fluoride And Dental Health

There have been some controversies over the use of fluoride, particularly in locations where it's added to the drinking water. To learn more about what fluoride is and what it can do for your family's teeth, read on. The Benefits of Fluoride For young children with teeth still in the development stages, fluoride can provide the child with strengthened enamel, which can come in handy when trying to protect against acids that lead to cavities. Read More 

Recommendations For Superb Oral Health

Your teeth are quite an important part of your health and also your appearance. With healthy teeth, you can avoid gum inflammation and oral bone deterioration along with any problems associated with bacterial infections in your mouth and through your body. To keep your teeth and oral health well, make sure you follow some recommendations that you can do on your own and also with the help of your dental professional. Read More